Cyanide Smile

by coldsnow.

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released February 12, 2016



all rights reserved


coldsnow. Beijing, China


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Track Name: January Again
And I would never dream of takin your hand
I been chasin the dream since the days I was 10
and I came to believe that I made up my friends
in my head, and they came to agree so they left

I been makin a name for the things that I said
I been shakin up things with the coke and angel dust, makin em
angry, what I came for: they hate me. I hate 'em
rather be that than respected, cavalry: stand at attention-
handle 'em stab 'em and exit

Bandaging families, captured, and grabs and immaculate set-ups
witch-magical antagonists stacked onto hansel and gretel,
Never wanna be peaceful, people never wanna be seen
for the devils lyin and demons they kept inside of their speeches

I'll let 'em lie and then keep 'em inside and lyin' 6 feet
and when heaven dies in the sequel, you better find a retreat
Cause like every night when you're sleepin, there's women cryin on streets
and the children lie down to sleep in a bed of pine and some leafs

I been a dead man walkin since I S - N - arked at 'em
They carpeted a tunnel of silence and then they barked in it
Convoluted logic to chalk up all the marks as well
Pickpockets in an office at Fargo tellin you Marx is dead

all is Well, you don't wanna call it out
They got you in their pockets and they want you out.
Track Name: puddlesinaconcretejungle
do you remember the time that we spent on that floor together?

i asked you why you were tired and you said

"i was up all night on the phone with this guy"

i said who
you said my name
i said he sounds like a jerk

you said "Yeah but he's pretty cute and funny"

i said "he sounds like a lucky guy"

you said "i guess"

and you spoke french, and i spoke french too, and you responded and sat in our places
isolated from the party
they were probably out drinking somewhere
i heard they vomited on that corner down the road

but i didn't mind because i was there with you in my arms and i was alright and i was happy
i was smiling inside for the first time in a while

i was on my A-game when I messaged you later that day
and i pretended like i had some sort of confidence
you could probably see right through any mask i put on
any mask i put up

and do you remember when i called you, and i said "how's it going? whatsup?"
and you said "why do you ask me that? we talked a few moments ago"
and i said "because you're interesting and you have an interesting life and stuff probably happens"
and you said "if only that were so" and you left

a week later you said we should break it off

it was all fake, if i had only known that from the start..
'cause you saw right through
you saw right through
i tried to hide
but you saw right through

from me to you, and let's keep it personal,
i'm so sorry for ever wasting for your time

but you don't have to stalk my facebook page at night
you could just call

why don't you call?..

why doesn't anybody ever call?..

why doesn't anybody ever call?..